NNGI Shop procures groceries and other home need products from deserving enterpreneurs. These products are mostly organic or traditionally grown. We are more than a fun and efficient way to buy groceries.
NNGI Shop reconnects you with human values and needs in the form of food, health care products, personal care products, vendors who know their food and uphold certain values that are often misplaced. We've always done things differently at NNGI. When you're trying to revolutionise grocery shopping, there's no point copying everyone else, is there?If you've ever wondered how we do what we do, this is the right place to find out more

More Value for Money

We believe that you should be able to enjoy first-class service and have more value for the money that you spend in your shopping especially for home needs and health care.

Less Traffic

We provide the same experience of traditional grocery shopping, but in your finger tips wherever you are! Our home delivery ensures you save precious fuel, while our delivery personal reduce traffic on our busy roads.

Oh, and, best of all, the more we grow, the more energy-efficient our service becomes... so you're doing your bit for the planet as well as your monthly shopping budget.

So what are you waiting for ? Start Shopping

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